You don’t have to be a muslim to really appreciate the arabic language and find beauty in it. 😉 So here are 10 reasons why you should choose arabic as your next language:

1) It is the language of the Holy Quran

If are a muslim but don’t know arabic, then being able to at least read arabic is very important. The amount of blessings that comes from reading each letter of the Quran is staggering, and this is doubled for people who find it difficult.

But more importantly the Quran has many hidden jewels which can only be appreciated in the arabic language, and hence its miracle can be experienced most fully in arabic.


2) There isn’t a translation for every scholarly work

There are so many arabic scholarly works related to Islam that have never been translated and so are virtually inaccessible to non-Arabs. Works like some volumes of Imam Ghazali’s “Revival of the Religious Sciences” or “Proofs of Prophethood” which is a tome of proofs illustrating the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad .

Also, relying on english translations all the time for Quran and Hadiths is less than ideal.

3) Arabic is a very beautiful language

Arabic is quite exotic for non-Arabs as Westerners are generally used to Roman letters. Arabic calligraphy is also well-known and I daresay it rivals Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. Its flowing and connected script really bedazzles eyes that have never seen script like that. Or at least that’s how I imagine someone who can’t read arabic must think. 😂

4)  Arabic script has 27 letters

Unlike Japanese or Chinese, arabic has 27 letters and a few special ones. Not only that but two thirds of the letters are equivalent to letters and sounds found in english.

5) Not hard to learn to read and write

That’s if you put in the time to learn it. But it can be done in about 20 hours, though like any skill it becomes more natural to you and automatic the more you practice.


6) Local arabic dialects are very informal

There is a standardised version of arabic known as Modern Standard Arabic and this is used in News and formal situations. But in reality most arabic-speaking people speak a very loose and informal form of arabic with their own particular words and slang. Not that they won’t understand you if you spoke “proper” arabic, it’s just that the bar for speaking the language is quite low so it is relatively easy to pick up if you don’t want to get to grips with the nitty gritty grammar.

7) It’s a whole new world to explore!

The arabic speaking countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and many others are very different culturally from the West and they have many different kinds of people. The arab cuisine is really awesome and honestly the food over there is just on a different level than it is in the West. And for any bachelor men reading this, many arab women are quite attractive. 😉


There are many other reasons to really learn arabic but at the end of the day if you see your life involving being with arabs more, or you’re a muslim and want to understand the Quran more, then learning arabic is an important step in your future.


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