How to Memorize Quran

The Holy Quran is the book of Allah by which the Muslim gets closer to Allah through reciting it and memorizing what he can of the Holy Quran verses. many people don’t know the right method to memorize the Holy Quran easily and without help, this is what we will clarify.

How to memorize the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran is one of the important matters which the Muslim should persist, Imam Ibnul-Kaiem  said in his book (The Prophetic medicine): (( Each organ you train more becomes stronger, especially on that type of sport and the same goes with the rest of the body organs. If you memorize more, you will have good memory and if you think more, your intellect will be sharper)).

There are some matters which the Muslim should care about when memorizing the Holy book of Allah to memorize it easily, they are:

Righteous intention and sincerity to Allah

Sincerity and intention are the bases of success in any work and they are the bases of Allah’s acceptance of our deeds, the place of the intention is the heart, and it is the desire to do something.

Exploitation the young age to memorize Quran

As the saying goes (Early start, grow smart) this is a right saying as children have the ability to memorize quicker and easier than the old, so we should exploit the young age to memorize the Holy Quran, as it will keep stuck in the mind forever.

The positive characteristics

Positive characteristics beside will, determination and true intention play an important role as they help the Muslim to memorize well.

Choosing the suitable time

The best time to memorize Quran is the middle of the night when there are calmness and serenity which help man to memorize the Holy Quran as it is an atmosphere that helps to memorize.

Tajweed as well as memorizing

Reciting the Holy Quran and Tajweed helps Muslim interact with the verses of Quran well, that helps to memorize and to have a perfect reciting of the Quran quickly without mistakes.


Repeating the verses of the Holy Quran accelerates memorizing its verses, we can repeat the verses of Quran a little loud and regular reciting of the same verses every day until memorizing them.

The important matters that help in the repetition are that they help in revising and emphasizing what is memorized.

Prayer by what is memorized

One of the good ways that helps in memorizing Holy Quran is to pray with the use of the memorized verses as this matter helps in revising and avoid forgetting them.

Good resorting to Allah Almighty

We should resort to Allah in all matters, one of these matters is facilitating good memorizing of the Holy Quran, coming closer to Allah, and avoiding doing sins.

Allah Almighty says in His Holy book” And fear Allah, and Allah teaches you, and Allah is knowing of all things” {Al-Baqara 282}. So Muslim should fear of Allah, be patient and persist in memorizing the Holy Quran.

The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran as well as reflecting upon the meaning of the Holy verses is a necessary and a needed matter for every Muslim as Allah Almighty has sent down it upon His servants to learn and to reflect upon it through reciting its verses.

Muslim can’t memorize the Holy Quran easily only through understanding the meaning of it, and reflecting upon the verses of Allah, glorified is He.

Ibn Abdul-Ber mentioned in his book (Jama’ Bayan Al-elm) that the first rank and degree in seeking knowledge is to memorize and to understand the Holy Quran.

Al- Tabary reported that Ibn- Masoud said 🙁 When a man of us learned ten verses, he can’t exceed them until knowing their meaning and applying them).

That is how the Holy Quran is explained to be memorized easily, especially that people vary in understanding and explaining it, so when the Muslim couldn’t explain the verses himself, he should depend on a trusted teacher to explain the Holy Quran to facilitate memorizing it.

One of the answered prayers to memorize the Holy Quran is what the Prophet, peace be upon him, said (( The prayer of the man of the fish, he pray when he was in the stomach of the fish: There is no deity except you, exalted are you. Indeed I have been of the wrong doers as Allah responds to the Muslim who says this supplication)).

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