Free arabic lessons

You can find all the free arabic lessons which will teach you arabic grammar and vocabulary with the specific aim of understanding the Quran, in sha Allah.

There will be two lesson series: arabic grammar and arabic conversation.
Arabic grammar lessons will be numbered and should be done in order. The lessons will be laid out as follows:

1) Lesson material

2)Vocabulary section

3) Translation exercise

A new grammar lesson will be published everyday.

The theme of these lessons are words and expressions that would be found in the Quran, and ultimately it is to better understand this Holy Book.

There will also be lessons with examples of daily arabic conversations. The example conversations in arabic will be translated to english, with the equivalent words being matched with the same color to aid connections and memorising vocabulary. Then there will be translation exercises in these lessons as well. These lessons will come out less frequently: one new lesson every Monday and Thursday.

Answers to all exercises can be accessed with a subscription fee, though answers to the first exercises have been made available for free.

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